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Adjuvant is not a pesticide, formulate your own.

2D Enviro Adjuvant is a non-toxic concentrate to be diluted in water 50 to 1 and ready for use. Optionally, a small amount of pesticide can be added for enhancement.

2D Pest Web product is approved by EPA (No. 87093-10) with 1% of Pyrethrins as the active ingredient. The information in the 2D Pest Web video shown above is intended for the general international markets and might not adhere to all EPA guidelines.

The 2D Pest Web is an innovative, effective product to snare your daily bug issues. Hybrid insecticides efficacy enhancer with a PHYSICAL MODE OF ACTION. Once the product is sprayed, it forms a cross-linked 3-Dimensional network structure which has an ‘adhesive or sticky’ effect, by sticking the mite/insect so that they cannot move (immobilization). The mode of action of this product does not have a direct chemical interaction with the mite/insect’s biochemical/physiological processes. It can be applied with any insecticide in low dosage, or alone for sensitive areas. It is recommended to be used for a treatment of resistant pest populations in hardly accessible locations (e.g., bed bugs). Modifies the exposure profile of the insects enhancing the bioavailability of the active ingredient(s). Provides an even deposition of the active ingredient on the treated surface. Both 2D Pest Web and 2D Enviro Adjuvant are designed to treat hard to reach corners and safe for human environments. It is EPA approved for food use.

2D Enviro Adjuvant and 2D Agro Adjuvant are of the same formula as 2D Pest Web without the 1% Pyrethrins, no residues.

2D Agro Adjuvant is based on the same scientific platform as 2D Pest Web which is the 3-Dimensional Immobilizing Network Structure, however the time of creation of the network structure and its cross-linking matches all of the parameters that are so important to plant protection, no phytotoxicity. It is not only engineered for agricultural use, but also approved for organic growth.

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