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What is the 2D Adjuvant?

An adjuvant is a non-pesticide product added to a spray tank mix that enhances the performance of the spray solution. They often improve spray mix characteristics – such as spreading, penetration or droplet size – or reduce any potential application problems from the spray mix itself, thus increasing effectiveness.

California also regulates adjuvants as pesticides. This class of chemicals, exempt from federal registration, must be registered in California. Adjuvants are emulsifiers, spreaders, water modifiers and other compounds added to improve the effectiveness of a pesticide.

To be used as insecticide enhancer:

Modifies the exposure profile of the insects enhancing the bioavailability of the active ingredient(s). 

  • Provides an even deposition of the active ingredient on the treated surface.
  • Provides increased effectiveness of insecticide sprays.
  • Disperses spray droplets for more even coverage of insect and surfaces.

Working solution (2D Agro Adjuvant with insecticide) should be used within 24 hours of preparation

For use in or around:

  • Growing crops
  • Food processing, production, and storage sites
  • Greenhouses
  • Ornamental plants and turf grass

Applicaion Methods


For surface applications apply as a course, wet spray at the specified dilution rates listed below.  For crack and crevice applications, place the tip of the applicator at or into the crack, crevice or void to be treated apply product at the rate of one second per foot. Apply in such a manner as to limit dripping and runoff on surfaces and plants.


Dilute according to dilution table or specific directions for use. The nozzle(s) should be directed into the plant canopy to get good penetration and coverage, maintain the appropriate distance from the plants to avoid blast damage. The operator should visualize that all the air within the canopy must be replaced by the air from the blower.


Dilute according to the specific directions for use.  Shake sprayer to fully mix the product.


This product can be tank mixed with other insecticides and acaricides. It is the pesticide user’s responsibility to ensure that all products are registered for the intended use. Read and follow the applicable restrictions and limitations and directions for use on all product labels involved in tank mixing. Users must follow the most restrictive directions for use and precautionary statements of each product in the tank mixture. Do not exceed label application rates as if mixing stand alone. Add 2D Agro Adjuvant at the specified dilution rate to the mix containing the other product(s). Prior to tank mixing, conduct a compatibility test using the proper proportions of products and water to ensure the physical compatibility of the mixture. This product cannot be mixed with any product with label prohibitions against such mixing.

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This product will increase the effectiveness of pesticide sprays by adding better spreading, depositing, and sticking.

Addition should be made after other materials have been mixed with water.  Mix well before spraying.

Compatibility:  2D Agro Adjuvant is believed to be compatible with most pesticides that are not highly alkaline.  If separation of spray mixture occurs, do not use.

A Letter from the Board

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A safe product for better pest control and public health. 2D Adjuvant contains no toxic that causes diseases with our proprietary physical action of technology.


DISCLAIMER: This information is for the global market and is not intended to claim efficacies that are not allowed within any territory.

Elliot Smith

Elliot Smith

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